Workplace Stress

Best natural anxiety remedy It happens to everyone, from teachers to police officers, to machine workers and front counter attendants. The stress can seem so real that they can feel it - and they do. For example teachers deal with multiple personalities with the kids they are teaching. They must be able to quickly adapt and find the best methods to teach the kids or to diffuse potential inflammatory situations.

Number crunchers may have more sedate surroundings but they may have to figure out how to cut thousands of dollars from a budget without recommending firing people that they know and respect. It's all serious and can be overwhelming.

Workplace Stress Causes

Depending on the job you do, workplace stress can be caused by a number of things. Machine workers may have to deal with dangerous equipment and noise that staggers the mind. Yet they must be able to solely focus on the job at hand for hours at a time. Management may not appreciate that fact and thus continually refuse the workers' request for a quick break.

Sales people have to reach their sales goals and if they are having a bad month then they have the specter of the unemployment line haunting them. Even if the market is down, the economy is bad and people aren't spending, they have to somehow sell their products.

Your place of employment may also have poor supervisors who don't care about your advancement or placement in the company, conflicting job requirements, unrealistic or unclear expectations or long hours and low pay.

When you combine these things and add a few other causes then employees start to suffer from workplace stress - they become irritable, have headaches and stomach problems, don't get enough sleep and begin to bring their rotten experiences at work home with them. All of this perpetuates the stress and leads to poor job performance, which not only hurts the employee it hurts the employer as well.

Workplace Stress Treatment

Workplace stress can negatively impact a person's life so it must be treated quickly and safely. Many people try prescription pills such as Xanax, Prozac or Valium. These pills have worked for many people suffering from stress but they also have some baggage - side effects. These include headaches, diarrhea, confusion, dizziness and an irregular heartbeat.

Alternative medications come in herbal forms. Herbal anxiety remedies don't have the problematic side effects linked to prescription pills but they have helped many people deal with stress. The herbal ingredients should be top of the line and they may include St. John's wort, skullcap, lemon balm and valerian root. Research these herbal remedies before workplace stress affects your work, or worse, costs you your job.

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