Stress Causes

Best natural anxiety remedy Stress usually afflict most adults. Unfortunately these stress triggering events cannot be controlled, they mostly happen to everyone - the key is to learn how to manage your feelings, emotions and reactions to these moments of crisis. Here are the most common causes of stress:

Stress Causes: Financial Health

Financial health: Most people worry about money. You have to have money to pay the bills, buy food, put your children through college and retire. Many people don't have enough money to put aside for retirement so they become stressed at the prospect of having to work for most of their lives, even when they are passed the age of retirement.

Stress Causes: Work

Stress at work: Maintaining a career, being happy at work, and earning the money you deserve - you name it and all of it causes stress. People spend most of their days at work and if they are not satisfied with their job, have a heavy work load or have a conflict at work, maybe there are some divisive relationships; it can be a hot-bed for stress.

Stress Causes: Family

Family: There may be days when husband and wives are constantly arguing or a teenager is acting up and the parents are having a terrible time controlling him or her. Families live in close quarters so if there is some sort of conflict boiling over, the house probably feels like it's going to erupt. Another cause of stress is family health. If a loved-one is ill then anxiety and worry begin and the stress starts to rise uncontrollably.

Stress Causes: Personal Life

Personal matters: Stress causes a little voice in some people's head that reminds them that they have to be at work on time, that they only have so much time in the day to do everything that is required. They start to feel like they have lost control of their own life and things start to spiral. They may also be struggling with personal demons like addiction or other things that have happened in their past. When it's personal, some people also feel the need to internalize, which also increases stress.

How to Eliminate the Causes of Stress

As shown above, stress causes many interruptions in a person's life. There are treatments that deal with stress. Some people try prescription pills such as Alprazolam, Prozac or Valium. Although these prescribed medications can help they do have awful side effects that nearly debilitate some people. These include headaches, diarrhea, confusion, dizziness and an irregular heartbeat.

Alternative medications are in herbal forms. They too are usually pills but they don't carry the negative side effects that impact so many people. The herbal ingredients should be top quality and they may include Magnolia bark, St. John's wort, skullcap, lemon balm and valerian root.

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