Good Day Chocolate Calm

Good Day Chocolate Calm is an all-natural stress and anxiety relief aid designed to lower and/or eliminate the symptoms caused by living in the modern world as well as a wide variety of other problems that have plagued humanity going back to the beginning of our history. One of the key points that sets this product apart from a multitude of products of its kind which generally claim to be designed to act in much the same way but which are often produced by the huge pharmaceutical industry which has been making a lot of headlines in recent years due to a growing number of negative incidents but even more so for its reportedly, some say, unethical practices and products which are often claimed by many to come with some highly addictive properties.

Created as an alternative to all of that, Good Day Chocolate Calm falls into the category of what is generally seen as a Homeopathic stress reducer and is well-liked by the practitioners of this particular segment of some newly recognized categories of the medical practice. Also, for those who find it crucial to know, Good Day Chocolate Calm is also said to be GMO free which is another way of saying that it claims to be made using a only a select group of all-natural ingredients and has no artificial chemicals that might have been genetically modified.

Good Day Chocolate Calms Claims

Good Day Chocolate Calm

The producers of Good Day Chocolate Calm make a number of quite impressive claims when it comes to the numerous benefits which can be claimed by its use. For one thing, it is said that Good Day Chocolate Calm tends to support a high level of healthy brain function and actually promotes mental energy. A second claim is that it elevates reaction times and increases both memory and focus. Furthermore, there is a particular claim that Good Day Chocolate Calm, when utilized on a daily basis, will raise the user's mood and even heighten creative traits.

Looking more closely at the increasing amount of research there are clear indications that there are a wide variety of natural substances that are believed to have all of these kinds of effects. One crucial point found in all of that research is the way in which these core ingredients are put together to make the actual formulation. This means that, although it may be important to have a number or base elements included in the formula but that the quantities and their balance be within tight parameters in order to be most effective.

An alternative way of looking at things suggests that having a clear understanding of these basic parameters is to look at any research, studies or clinical trials which may have been conducted with regard to the core formulation of any particular product of this kind. A look at a variety of industry source data and facts which may offer a modicum of credible or verifiable support for the many claims that are being made for this product.

Anxiety In The Modern World

One core factor is the fact that products such as Good Day Chocolate Calm have become so successful and popular is the simple and inescapable fact that living in certain regions of the world which have now become more technologically developed is creating a higher level of stress and anxiety on its inhabitants as a whole. Even though the daily lives of most people in these regions have been bettered in a variety of ways through the advancements in science, technology and, increasingly, health care the evidence appears more than clear that living a lifestyle that would be considered modern also brings a significant rise in the degree of stress and anxiety into our day to day lives. Furthermore, when one takes a look at the effects of an ever encroaching amount of artificial light, especially during the times of the day when we usually tend to be trying to get to sleep and which reduces our ability to get the kind of restful, restorative and rejuvenating sleep that we all need, it is no wonder that so many people who suffer from higher than normal levels of stress are turning to products of this kind.

Good Day Chocolate Calm Ingredients

A review of the set of ingredients used in the making of Good Day Chocolate Calm shows that there are a number of well-established elements that are said to be in wide use in the homeopathic medicine industry.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the makers of Good Day Chocolate Calm use what is known in the trade as a proprietary blend of ingredients which simply means that the exact quality and quantity of the formulation is not made public so as to prevent their competition from being able to copy it. As true as this may be this choice also prevents consumers from knowing exactly what they are getting.

Beyond that the basic ingredients are said to include L-Theanine, Magnesium Oxide and Chamomile Flower Extract. Additional ingredients include Milk Chocolate, Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Dry Milk, Milk Fat, Natural Vanilla Extract, Sugar, Natural Coloring from Beet Juice and Tapioca.

A warning on the bottle also states that this product also contains Milk, Soy and may also contain Peanut, Tree Nuts And Wheat.

One key negative to all of these positives is the fact that the formula for Good Day Chocolate Calm appears not to include GABA or gamma amino acid which are considered essential when cognitive levels in the brain begin to naturally decline which is thought to inhibit normal brain function. Still, another ingredient which is thought by many to be crucial is all-natural Valerian Root which is a key ingredient which is often used by herbalists and naturopaths to lower anxiety as well as muscle tension and well-known symptoms of anxiety and stress in daily life.

A key point to keep in mind about the long list of ingredients utilized in this product are the benefits which they claim to offer. Central among these are the ability to lower anxiety, agitation and hypersensitivity. Many of these ingredients are believed to work by lowering stress and the inability to get some restful sleep while others are known to lessen fatigue and restlessness. Then, some are said to help with the inability to focus, tension as well as what is often recognized as anticipatory anxiety. Still, there are others that are incorporated to deal with apprehensiveness and the inability to focus clearly. Then again there are others to aid with problematic sleep and daily stress while others center on general nervousness and a list of digestive problems.

The Science Behind Good Day Chocolate Calm

Although having a good understanding of the ingredients in any product can be helpful in knowing if it contains the most desired elements or if it has any which might lead to medical issues such as allergic reactions. However, there is another type of information which can be highly beneficial to those who wish to take a deeper dive into the details of a particular product such as Good Day Chocolate Calm. This would be information that is developed from research, studies and clinical trials. But, since this type of research and testing is not always conducted on products of this nature in all regions it is not always available.

A review of all of the available information from the makers of Good Day Chocolate Calm as well as several other industry sources there was no credible or verifiable evidence of any type that will help to support the many claims being made for the actual formulation used in the production of this product.

Good Day Chocolate Calm: How it Works

Good Day Chocolate Calm is claimed to be a homeopathic stress reliever and is currently made in an FDA-registered facility. The substantive and well-respected list of all-natural elements are precisely blended to work quickly and energize an extensive list of the human body's internal processes which are generally required to work with all of these anxiety related issues but which are more likely to be largely compromised in more mature users within more modern regions. Furthermore, the more advanced in age the consumers are, the more probable it is that they could experience more significant evidence of symptoms.

User Reviews

A look back at the days before the ubiquitous use of the internet shows that average consumers simply did not have much information about the products that they bought. However, most consumers these days have access to the experiences of the millions and millions of user reviews. The key factor at hand here that more and more companies are investing in ways to lessen consumer trust in the comments that they find in order to lower the impact of negative reviews of their products. Keeping all of that in mind it should be noted that we always try to find less biased sources of user reviews.

In a look at a number of industry sources having no clear connection to Good Day Chocolate Calm as well a variety of online chat rooms and forums we came upon a wide array of independent user reviews for Good Day Chocolate Calm. A computation of the overall user ratings showed that most did not believe that it provided any lasting or notable benefits.

How To Purchase

At $25.99 this product is moderately priced compared to its competition. A bottle contains eighty capsules and comes in six flavors including calm, energy, Probiotic, sleep and Turmeric as well as a variety pack.

This product can be purchased through a wide array of well-established online retail outlets including and However, it should be noted that pricing across these platforms does vary considerably so some research to get the best available price should be done.

Good Day Chocolate Calm: Final Thoughts

The majority of consumers would say that there is no real doubt that anxiety and daily stress is an increasing problem, especially with those living in the developed world. And, when put together with the ever-rising amount of unnatural or artificial light in our metropolitan areas it is more than easy to see how the everyday effects of this type of stress and anxiety are leading to greater and greater problems with more and more sufferers.

What we wanted to discover is whether Good Day Chocolate Calm is one of the best options that industry that produces anxiety reducers has to offer. To make this determination we decided to look at three key factors.

One was the set of ingredients and here we found that, although there are many ingredients which are desirable, the complete lack of some others was more than troubling. Another factor was the in-depth review of all of the available data related to research, studies and testing. Again, the complete lack of credible or verifiable evidence was yet another negative. The last factor deals with what independent user reviews have been saying and those that we came upon did not believe that Good Day Chocolate Calm offered any significant or lasting benefits.

When all factors are considered, it seems that there are most likely a number of other stress relief options which are far more likely to achieve the desired goals. For a list of better choices, click here.

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