What is Stress?

Best natural anxiety remedy Stress is an emotional overload caused by things, and our responses to those things, that are happening around us. You may feel angry, frustrated, and tense and experience painful headaches and chest pains usually combined with heart palpitations. Many people also suffer through heartburn, indigestion and insomnia.

What Causes Stress

If you are having a bad day at the office or a bad week you may start to feel stressed out. Combine that with money problems, traffic to and from work everyday, children crying or complaining incessantly, a loss of belief in your job or outlook on life, parents that are ill, dealing with bills and the incompetence of others who don't seem to care about what you are trying accomplish.

Stress has a tendency to build up. You start to feel tense over one thing, say a doctor bill that your insurance company was supposed to pay, and then it adds up from there. Soon every little annoyance, a commercial on TV that you don't like, a rainy day or the phone ringing, sets you off and you feel like you are losing control of your sanity.

The problem that many people experience when trying to cope with stress is how to stop it from snowballing. You can have an argument with your wife or husband and then leave to go to work only to be late because of a traffic accident. Then your boss surprises you with more work than you can handle or moves up a deadline. Now you have to stay late or work through lunch.

Stress is the combination of exterior events that hammer at you until you feel like you have no control. You feel mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Once you start getting frustrated and angry the stress only gets worse and soon you may be consumed by it.

Treatment for Stress

Prescription stress relief pills are readily available with a doctor's prescription but they do have side effects. Xanax (Alprazolam), Prozac, Valium, BuSpar and many others have worked for many people but they also can cause dizziness, dry mouth, headaches, irregular heartbeat and they can be addictive.

The main alternative comes in the form of natural anxiety remedies that don't carry the same threat of side effects or other health concerns (if taken appropriately) as the prescribed medicines. Anti-anxiety herbs include Magnolia bark, Phellodendron bark, St. John's Wort, skullcap, lemon balm extract, kava kava, among a number of others. Research the web or go to the local library and examine these ingredients. Educate yourself and find the alternative that can help with your stress.

Product Reviews

Natural anxiety supplements are the safer, more effective way to combat stress-induced anxiety and depression. Discover the best natural cure for your anxiety by reading our supplement reviews now.