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Best natural anxiety remedyWhat is Joy-Filled? The answer is that it is an all-natural stress and anxiety relief aid which has been designed to reduce and/or eliminate the cause of symptoms brought on by living in the developed world as well as a significant other issues that have befallen a large percentage of humanity as far back as our earliest days. A central reason to look at a product of this kind is that it is not one of the many other products which are produced by the large pharmaceutical industry. The benefit there is that is not one of the many products which has been making news in recent years because of the increasing amount of negative incidents including, some say, unethical practices and a variety of products which are often claimed by some to produce some potentially highly addictive properties.

First produced as an alternative to these types of products, Joy-Filled fits squarely into the category of what is often seen as a Homeopathic stress and anxiety reducer and is well-respected by the practitioners of this segment of the medical practice. Furthermore, for those who are interested, Joy-Filled is also claimed to be GMO free which is another way of stating that it is claimed to be produced utilizing only a highly select group of all-natural elements and no artificial chemicals which have been genetically modified.

Joy-Filled Claims


The makers of Joy-Filled put forth a long list of notable claims when it comes to the supposed benefits which can be achieved by its use. For starters, it is claimed that Joy-Filled will support a high level of healthy brain functionality and increases mental energy. Another claim is that it speeds up reaction times and bolsters both memory and focus. Even more, there is a stated claim that Joy-Filled, when employed on a daily basis, will elevate the user's mood and even enhance creative pursuits.

A closer look at the increasing amount of research shows that there are specific indicators that there are a substantial variety of natural substances that are thought to produce all of these types of effects. One critical point found in all of this research is the way in which these key elements are collected to make the specific formulation. In essence, this means that, although it may be desirable to have all of these base elements in the formula it is the quantities and the balance that truly determines just how effective the product will likely be.

Looking at things from another perspective might suggest that having a clear understanding of these basic elements is a good thing but a review of any research, studies or clinical trials which might have been conducted in relation to the specific formulation of any product of this type. A review of some industry source data and some other points which may offer some credible or verifiable support for the many claims that are being made for this product were not found.

Anxiety In The Modern World

One key thing that should be noted is the fact that items like Joy-Filled have become so widely popular is the basic fact that living in some parts of the world which have proven to be more technologically advanced is creating an increasing level of stress and anxiety on those who live in it. Even though the daily life of the majority of people in these areas have been enhanced in a number of ways by these advancements in technology, science and, even more so, health care the evidence seems clearer than ever that living a lifestyle that would be thought of as more modern also comes with a notable rise in the amount of stress and anxiety. To add to that, when one looks at the effects of an ever rising amount of artificial light, especially when we usually tend to be attempting to sleep and which lowers our ability to get the type of restful and restorative sleep, it is easy to see why so many people who deal with higher than normal stress levels are looking to products of this type.

Joy-Filled Ingredients

Looking at the of the list of elements used in the production of Joy-Filled points out that there are many well-established ingredients which are believed to be in wide use in the homeopathic medicine industry.

To begin with, it is necessary to understand that the producers of Joy-Filled utilize what is known in the business as a proprietary blend of elements which simply indicates that the exact quality and quantity of their precise formulation is being kept a secret so as to not let their competition copy it. This is a viable business strategy, but it also prevents potential users from knowing exactly what is in the product.

With all of that said the actual stated ingredients in Joy-Filled are St. John's Wort, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Lemon Balm Leaf, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola and Eleuthero. The benefits ascribed to these ingredients include an increase in dopamine production, a reduction in cortisol levels, higher levels of concentration, an increase in the neurotransmitter known as GABA, a reduction in adrenaline production as well as an increase in positive moods and mental clarity.

One of the major drawbacks to this particular formulation is the fact that is does not appear to contain a number of elements which are known to prevent certain issues with stomach upset which is often caused by formulations of this kind.

The Science Behind Joy-Filled

Clearly, having a solid understanding of the elements used in any product is a good thing in helps to know if it has the most desired elements or if it contains any which could lead to medical problems like allergic reactions. Still, there are other forms of information which can be even more beneficial to users who want to take their understanding of a product such as Joy-Filled to higher level. This could be data that is derived from research, studies and clinical trials. However, since these forms of research and testing is not always required on products of this kind in all regions it is not always readily available.

Looking at all of the available data from the producers of Joy-Filled as well as a number of other industry related sources we could find no credible or verifiable evidence that will tend to support the numerous claims being made for the specific formulation utilized in the making of this product.

Joy-Filled: How it Works

The makers of Joy-Filled claim that it is a homeopathic stress reliever and, at this time, is made in an FDA-registered laboratory. The extensive and well-regarded set ]of all-natural ingredients are precision blended to act fast and energize a long list of human internal processes which can greatly benefit from all of these stress and anxiety related problems and which are quite likely to be under duress in older users who might reside in more developed regions. And, the older these consumers are likely to be, the more likely it is that they would experience more significant evidence of related symptoms.

User Reviews

Younger readers may have a hard time understanding what it was like in the years before anyone had access to the internet but the simple fact is that consumers in those days were pretty much dependent on what producers of products and services would tell them as information from other sources was pretty much nonexistent. Still, once the internet arrived in our everyday lives, it became quite easy to find out what millions and millions of other users thought of the things they were considering buying with the help of actual user reviews. The only real problem with this is that many companies who found that their ratings were low among consumers began trying to shake the faith of consumers in their trust of these user reviews. In large part this was done by encouraging the posting of positive reviews from the public. With this being the case, we always attempt to find less biased sources of user comments.

A quick review of a wide swath of industry related websites with no obvious connection to Joy-Filled or its maker as well as a number of online forums and chat rooms dedicated to discussing sleep aids and other wellness products showed a long list of independent user reviews for this product. A tally of the overall user satisfaction ratings indicated that the majority of these users did not believe that they were provided with any significant or long-term benefits.

How To Purchase

Joy-Filled can be found for sale through a long list of well-established online retailers including and I must be pointed out that the purchase price for this product varied significantly across these platforms so some diligence may be required in order to find the best price.

Joy-Filled: Final Thoughts

Most consumers would believe that there is very little doubt that anxiety and daily stress is a growing problem, especially among those who are living in more developed regions. And, when combined with the ever-increasing degree of unnatural or artificial light in major metropolitan areas no one would likely question the effects of this kind of stress and anxiety which leading to more and more issues with more and more sufferers.

What we set out to discover is whether Joy-Filled is among the top options that the industry that produces stress and anxiety reducers is currently offering. To know this, we decided to look closely at three central factors.

The first was the list of ingredients and what we found was that, despite there being many ingredients which are highly desirable, the utter lack of some other essential ingredients was a definite negative. The second factor was the review of all of the data available regarding any research, studies and clinical trials. Once again, the basic lack of credible or verifiable evidence in this department was yet another significant negative. The third and final factor had to do with what most independent user reviews had said and that was that they did not believe that Joy-Filled provided any notable or lasting benefits.

When all factors are taken into account, it seems that there are most likely a number of other stress relief options which are far more likely to achieve the desired goals. For a list of better choices, click here.

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