Holiday Stress

Best natural anxiety remedy Yes, many people suffer from acute forms of holiday stress. There are so many things to get done before the holidays arrive that people feel overwhelmed and out of control. There is the daily routine of holiday stress - going to work, taking care of the kids and family, waiting in traffic, cooking, cleaning, yard work paying the bills and the list can go on and on.

Holiday stress seems to wring all the energy out of your system. You must go holiday shopping and spend money that you might not have (there goes the credit card bill), write out holiday cards, prepare for the holiday menu, house guests that don't normally come by start to show up; holiday parties that you simply can't refuse have to be attended, and the holiday stress keeps mounting - and you still have to get some sleep.

Causes of Holiday Stress

With all of that on your plate, you may drink more than usual and eat more than usual during the holidays. This causes more holiday stress along with making you feel tired, worn out and not physically fit. You may not have enough time for your usual exercise regimen, which could make you feel guilty and can lead to more stress because you are not letting it all out by physically exerting yourself.

Another factor of holiday stress is that sometimes the holidays simply don't live up to the expectations that many people have for them. You want the holidays to be filled with good cheer, happiness and an overall warm feeling. Yet, you still have deadlines for work and so many other things that always seem to bring on holiday stress rather than the holiday spirit. So instead of feeling good many people fall into a deep depression.

The reality of the holidays looks more bleak than cheerful. With each gift you buy you begin to realize you have 10 more gifts to get but don't have enough money. The gifts you buy seem inadequate compared to the lavish things you see on TV. This all adds up to holiday stress.

Holiday Stress - What's the Solution?

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