Stress Relief

Best natural anxiety remedy More than 89% of people polled said that they suffered through some type of severe stress in their lives. Many of those people probably did not know that there are stress relief techniques that could help them with their dilemma. Of course there is no blue print for stress relief. You should research all of your options and use the techniques that best suit your individual situation.

Stress Relief: How to Begin

Stress relief begins when you take a step back and think about what exactly is making you feel so stressed out. Learn to communicate your feelings with family members or friends - you can even talk with your dog or cat, just let the emotions out. Sometimes stress relief starts with a good laugh or cry - this can help relieve the physical and mental pressure that burdens so many people under stress.

Many people keep a journal and write down the things that are bothering them. Writing keeps them in touch with what is making them stressed and it also gives them the opportunity to think about how to separate themselves from stressful events. They can come up with creative ways to cope with stress. It also gives them the chance to quietly work there way through difficult events.

Stress relief and exercise have also been associated with one another. You may feel terrible about the way you look. By exercising you are shaping up your body and mind - you are putting yourself in a more positive position to face life. Start jogging, walking, aerobic exercising or just working around the house. The physical exertion helps relieve muscle tension and it is a good way to just let it all out.

Try doing something that makes you happy. If you come home from work all stressed out, maybe take a hot bath, or play with your pet. Read a book or just take some quiet time for yourself. You may simply want to curl up and watch a movie with a warm bowl of soup. Remember to be good to yourself; it really can help.

Stress Relief: Choosing between prescription and herbal

Prescription stress relief pills have been around for a while and many people have heard about the sometimes scary side effects. Xanax (Alprazolam), Prozac, Valium, Buspar and many others have been known to cause dizziness, dry mouth, headaches, irregular heartbeat and they can be addictive.

Alternative stress relief comes in the form of herbal anxiety remedies that don't pose a threat to your health if taken correctly. Their ingredients include St. John's Wort, skullcap, lemon balm extract, kava kava, among a number of others. Do your research and find the best possible natural stress reliever that delivers what you need.

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