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Best natural anxiety remedy Genius Joy is product designed to reduce and eliminate the symptoms brought on by the daily stresses brought on largely by modern life and wide variety of the problems that have troubled mankind mentally beginning in its earliest days. One of the things that sets this product apart from many other products which are designed to act in much the same way but which are the product of the vast pharmaceutical industry which has been gaining a lot of headlines in recent years for a number of negative stories but mainly for its reportedly questionable practices and products which have been said by many to have a great many addictive qualities is that it does not utilize these types of medications.

Instead, Genius Joy fall into the category of what is known as a Homeopathic product and is said to be well-regarded by the practitioners of this particular wing of some newer categories of the medical practice. Also, for those who find it important, Genius Joy is also said to be GMO free which is another way of saying that if claims to be made using only all-natural ingredients and contains no man-made chemicals that have been genetically modified.

Genius Joys Claims

Genius Joy

The producers of this product make a number of rather impressive claims when it comes to the benefits provided by its use. For one thing they claim that Genius Joy supports healthy brain function and improves mental energy. It is also said to heighten reaction times and improve memory and focus. Additionally, there are claims that this product, when used regularly, can enhance mood and even elevate creativity.

When it comes right down to it there is a large body of research which does show that there are a number of natural substances which can have all of these types of effects. One of the key variables in all of that research is the way in which these substances are combined. That is to say that it is often not enough that certain elements be included in the formulation of a product but that the quantities and balance of them be within certain parameters in order to be most effective.

One way to have a strong understanding of these parameters is to look at any research, studies or clinical trials which may have been performed in relation to the specific formulation of a particular product. A review of numerous industry resources as well as all of the materials offered by Genius failed to find any credible or verifiable reports which would offer any tangible support for the many claims being made for this product.

Anxiety In The Modern World

One of the key reasons that products like Genius Joy are becoming so popular is the fact that living in the more developed regions of the world. Although the lives of most people are greatly improved with the advances in science, technology and health care there is no doubt that living a modern lifestyle brings on a significant increase in stress and anxiety in our everyday lives. And, when one considers the effects of a greatly elevated amount of artificial light, especially during the hours in which we would all normally be sleeping which inhibits our ability to get the kind of restful and restorative sleep we all need it is easy to see why so many are turning to products of this nature.

Genius Joy Ingredients

Among the listed set of ingredients in this product are a number of well-known elements which are believed to be in wide use across the industry that produces them. Their effects can best be described as follows.

Nootropic Serotonin Booster: This formulation includes SAM-e, rhodiola, as well as eleven other focus-improving vitamins and minerals that are supposed to bolster mood and enhance anxiety relief. As the company states, they are meant to provide a cheat code for finding oneself.

Genius Joy is purported to work as a booster of focus, energy, general wellness and overall cognition. The manufacturer claims that it can replace antidepressants, which reduces brain fog by using a more natural approach preferred by professionals, athletes, gamers or anyone else who might benefit from this serotonin elevator.

Another aspect is the all-natural dopamine stack which offers anxiety relief by providing a daily boost to the brain to help override the anxiousness which can undermine high level nootropics. That said, without significant support for anxiety, one might be susceptible to the detrimental effects that come along with daily stress.

There are also a strong array of vitamins needed for the relief of stress including B-12 and Vitamin D along with pure L-Theanine which works to reduce mental and physical stress while stabilizing overall mood. Genius Joy also includes an array of clinically backed health aids known to support mood such as S-Adenosylmethionine, 5-HTP and B-vitamins.

As impressive as some of that may sound it should be pointed out that Genius Joy does not include a few key elements which are widely considered to be essential in bringing about significant stress relief including GABA or gamma amino butyric acid which, when levels in the brain are low, can inhibit proper brain function. Another missing common element appears to be Valerian which is often used by herbalists and naturopaths to lower anxiety and muscle tension along with other symptoms of daily stress and anxiety. And, finally, there are no indications that it includes Ashwagandha which is well-regarded for its ability to cause a relaxing sensation which helps decrease the effects of stress and anxiety.

The important thing to understand about the long list of ingredients in this product are the benefits that they are claimed to produce. Among them are the ability to reduce stress, agitation and hypersensitivity. Some elements work to decrease anxiety and sleeplessness while others work to lower fatigue and restlessness. Still, others are known to help with the inability to concentrate, irritability and even anticipatory anxiety. Some are added to deal with apprehensiveness and the inability to think clearly. Others were added to aid with restless sleep and general stress while others focus on nervousness and digestive tract disorders.

Genius Joy: How it Works

Genius Joy is said to be a homeopathic health aid and is currently FDA-registered. The established list of all natural elements are precisely blended to act quickly and work to energize a wide array of the human body's natural processes which are normally required to handle all of these high stress related problems but which are likely to be seriously compromised in more mature members of highly developed societies. And, the more advanced in years the users are, the more likely it is that they will have more advanced symptoms.

User Reviews

Ever since the dawn of the internet consumers have had access to information that previous generation did not. One of those forms of information is access to millions upon millions of user reviews. The only problem with this is that more and more companies are investing in ways to shake consumers trust in these comments to less the impact of negative reviews of their products. For this reason, we always look for highly trusted and more independent sources of user reviews and comments.

Looking at a variety of industry related sources with no apparent connection to Genius Joy as well as a long list of online chat rooms and forums with a history of discussing stress and anxiety relief we found a number of independent reviews of Genius Joy. A tally of the overall user satisfaction ratings showed that most users did not think that they received and notable or satisfying benefits from its use.

Genius Joy: How Safe Is It?

A look back at the listed set of ingredients in Genius Joy shows that they are generally all in wide use across the industry and, even though there may be some ingredients which some would say are missing, there seems to be no real reason for concern relates to any serious potential health issues in otherwise healthy individuals. Still, it is always advisable to seek out a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning regular use of this or any other product of a similar composition.

Genius Joy: Price

At $59.99 per bottle Genius Joy is at the higher end of pricing for products of this type. Still, for those who wish to see how well it works for them it can be found for purchase through a wide array of well-established online retail platforms such as and

Genius Joy: Final Thoughts

There are few who would question that daily stress and anxiety are a growing issue among many who tend to live in the most highly developed or advanced parts of the world. And, even though the daily stresses of life are often elevated in these areas there are often other factors including the increasing amount of unnatural light that continues to invade our lives during the hours in which we should be sleeping which tends to reduce the actual beneficial amount of sleep that we all get.

Yes, there are numerous potential options for those who suffer the stress and anxiety of modern living but many of them tend to use pharmaceutical options which are widely shown to have some significant and detrimental side effects as well as a number of often addictive qualities.

In essence, Genius Joy was designed to help the human body naturally adjust to a number of issues brought on by daily stress, anxiety and overall irritability by helping to replenish a number of core elements that our bodies naturally produce but which we also tend to lose increasingly during the aging process.

What we wanted to know was whether Genius Joy is among the top choices which the stress relief industry has to offer. To make that determine we decided to examine three key factors. One was the list of ingredients and, as shown earlier, they appear to be very much in line with many of Genius Joys' top competitors. Another was to examine any information that may be available related to any research, studies or testing which could have been conducted on the specific formulation of the ingredients used to make this product. Here, we could not locate any credible or verifiable reports that would help to support the numerous claims that are being made for Genius Joy. The third and final factor dealt with what independent user reviews were saying about their experiences with Genius Joy and the results prove that a vast majority of them did not believe that Genius Joy had any significant or lasting effect when it came to reducing daily stress and anxiety.

In the end, it appears that Genius Joy is not yet ready to be called one of the top choices in all-natural stress relief products. For better choices, click here.

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