An Overview

Best natural anxiety remedyMany medications are available for treating anxiety, and it is easy to be uninformed or forgetful when starting a new treatment. Even after getting a doctor's definition of Alprazolam, patients may want more information. There are several things patients should know when starting or considering Alprazolam.

What is Alprazolam?

Alprazolam is part of a group of medications called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines may differ in strength but are used for relieving anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain and convulsions. A common form of Alprazolam is Xanax, but there are also generic brands of the drug. Alprazolam reduces excessive excitement in the brain and is a powerful medication. Since it is potent and has a high potential for abuse, a prescription is necessary to take Alprazolam. The prescription comes in different forms and may be a swallowed tablet, a tablet that dissolves on the tongue or a liquid. When using the liquid, make sure to use the dropper to pour the correct amount into a food or beverage.

What is Alprazolam used for?

The most common use of Alprazolam is to treat anxiety or panic disorders. This could include social anxiety, fear of open spaces, panic attacks and more. It could also be prescribed for PMS and depression. In addition to treating symptoms, patients may find that their concentration, memory, muscle tone or coordination have improved. However, there are also down sides to the drug. Side effects include drowsiness, hunger, irritability, weight gain or insomnia. Symptoms are more likely to occur if patients are elderly, but patients should contact their doctor if they develop frequent side effects.

If patients have not been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or are wondering if there is a cure, then knowing what Alprazolam treats may help them come to a decision about their condition or taking medication. Those who suffer from anxiety and similar problems usually experience nausea, sudden sweating, heart palpitations, abdominal pain, trembling, dizziness, and chest pain. These are not the only symptoms associated with anxiety and panic attacks, but Alprazolam provides relief from these problems. Alprazolam is not a cure but is used to manage symptoms. Depending on their needs, patients may only need Alprazolam or could use it in conjunction with other tools like therapy or relaxation techniques.

Alprazolam and other benzodiazepines have also been prescribed for those in drug or alcohol rehab programs. Using medicine to ease the pain of withdrawal and the stress of overcoming addiction can make it easier to recover. However, those who have an alcohol addiction are more likely than others to develop dependency for Alprazolam. If patients have had problems with alcohol abuse in the past, then talk to their doctor before taking this medication. Even if patients are not currently being treated for their addiction, Alprazolam may not be right for them. Their doctor can recommend another medication that will carry less risk. Abusing Alprazolam alone is dangerous, but some people relapse and mix this drug and alcohol. This combination has serious health risks and can be fatal.

How Does It Work?

Alprazolam works by creating a calming effect in the nervous system and brain. The drug is absorbed into the stomach and is at its most active a few hours after taking the medication. The medicine metabolizes in the liver and improves the production of GABA. This is a neurotransmitter that calms the brain. This lessens extreme emotional reactions like the worry and tension someone with an anxiety disorder experiences. Maximum results can be seen after a week.


A patient will probably starting Alprazolam on a small dosage that may increase over time. This medication is usually taken two to four times daily. Dosages do not typically exceed 1mg a day, and prescriptions are often short-term. High doses are sometimes needed, so patients should not be alarmed if they are prescribed 4mg a day. Since this is a powerful drug and there is potential for abuse, it is important to follow dosage instructions. Overdosing or skipping medication can have mental and physical side effects. A major concern when abusing Alprazolam is the potential for slowed breathing or low blood pressure. This occurs because the calming powers of the drug are sent into overdrive and may be fatal when a person stops breathing or develops hypertension.

Potential For Abuse

Alprazolam can have less effect on the body overtime. This can lead some to take more medication than necessary to get stronger results. In addition to those prone to addiction, people will sever pain, extreme emotional disorders or personality disorders are most likely to abuse the drug. However, anyone could abuse Alprazolam because all benzodiazepines are naturally addictive. Stopping the medication can lead to withdrawal and a worsening of anxiety symptoms or sleep deprivation that make it hard to function without Alprazolam. Additionally, even small amounts of Alprazolam are potent, and it is easy to become addicted and overdose when abusing medication.

Overdose symptoms can include confusion, drowsiness, loss of coordination, tremors and loss of consciousness. Alprazolam is lethal when not used correctly. To protect against Alprazolam abuse, doctors wean patients off the medication. This reduces the chances of withdrawal symptoms like insomnia and irritability and lets the body comfortably return to normal. Treatment facilities are also available to help those suffering from Alprazolam addiction detox. Many people start with inpatient therapy that lasts about two to three weeks. The best results are possible when continuing some of treatment after this period is over. This can include outpatient treatment, therapy or support groups.

Black Market Use

It is especially easy to abuse Alprazolam because it is sold illegally. Many people who have never been prescribed Alprazolam use it to receive a high. This is especially dangerous because it is normally taken with alcohol or other drugs. Those with prescriptions also buy illegal Alprazolam because it is cheaper than the prescription version.

Black market versions of the drug made in Mexico and India are widely available for low prices. Buying fake Alprazolam online or from a dealer has no guarantees, so it is hard to tell what is are actually being offered. No measures are taken to ensure the quality of illegal drugs. Even if Alprazolam is what a person receives, many things could be wrong with the medication. It could also contain other drugs, dangerous chemicals or unsafe amounts of Alprazolam. Purchasing these drugs could lead to health problems or jail time.

Real Alprazolam is also available on the black market because people are prescribed the medication under false pretenses. A patient may go to different doctors and fake symptoms to obtain the drug. This is more expensive but still a popular way to get Alprazolam. Even though this medicine is prescribed, it is not safe. The dosage was tailored to a certain individual and others may not be able to handle the amount prescribed. This has serious consequences because authorities and doctors are mindful of this behavior. There are harsh penalties when caught, and this also makes it hard for a person to get medication they need in the future.


Alprazolam helps relive anxiety and other problems by sending calming signals to the brain. The benefits of Alprazolam make the drug useful, but there is the potential for abuse and side effects. This is why it is important to listen to their doctor and follow dosage instructions.

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