Alprazolam Bars - what are they?

Best natural anxiety remedy Alprazolam is one of the most widely prescribed medications for treating anxiety. When combined with anxiety counseling, Alprazolam is a highly effective treatment for anxiety attacks, panic disorders, and other mental illnesses. Alprazolam bars are an extremely potent form of this drug. Alprazolam bars are prescribed in higher dosages of 2mg as opposed to the standard 1mg dosage of the tablets. As a result, Alprazolam bars are highly potent and can be quite detrimental if used improperly.

Alprazolam Bars - who uses them?

Patients who have been legitimately prescribed Alprazolam very rarely increase their dosage on their own. Most often a physician will prescribe it for them after an evaluation deems an increase in the patient's Alprazolam dosage to be necessary. In such cases, Alprazolam bars may be prescribed to those who need more help reducing anxiety.

Alprazolam Bars - who abuses them?

One of the most disheartening facts about Alprazolam bars is that they are often used by drug abusers for illicit purposes. Over the years, Alprazolam abuse has become increasingly common, particularly among alcoholics and individuals who are already recreational drug users. Those who traffic and use Alprazolam bars on the black market often refer to them as 'french fries', 'coffins', or 'bars'. Such abusers often use Alprazolam bars in conjunction alcohol or other depressants. They also use them for 'coming down' after a long stint of using uppers like heroin and cocaine.

Those who abuse Alprazolam bars often obtain their supply illegally by forging prescriptions or getting prescriptions from several physicians in addition to utilizing the black market. Sadly, adolescents and young adults are the most common abusers of this drug. White Alprazolam bars are often used for recreational purposes in multi-drug combinations. The medicine is usually crushed, swallowed or snorted for quick absorption.

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