Alprazolam and Alcohol

Best natural anxiety remedy Generally, the combination of Alprazolam and alcohol is to be avoided completely. Alcohol is known to increase the risk of certain Alprazolam side effects. In addition, using Alprazolam and alcohol can cause mental illness to grow worse in people who have mild to severe anxiety or panic disorders. As central nervous system depressants, Alprazolam and alcohol simply don't mix well together. Both substances can retard the brain's activity and increase the onset of serious reactions.

Side Effects of Alprazolam and Alcohol Use

Using Alprazolam and alcohol can increase your risk of some serious side effects including dizziness, unusual behavior, drowsiness, coordination problems, and memory problems. Alprazolam and alcohol used in combination can also slow your respiratory and heart rates. This could lead to constant fainting (going into unconsciousness), breathing difficulty, or even death. Alprazolam is primarily used to treat anxiety attack symptoms. Therefore, it is best that people who are overcoming anxiety refrain from using alcohol. In addition, individuals with a history of alcoholism are more prone to Alprazolam abuse.

Discussing Alprazolam and Alcohol With Your Health Care Provider

Although concurrent Alprazolam and alcohol use is not recommended, don't hesitate to talk with your health care provider about your alcohol intake. You may feel that your mental condition is not as severe as the condition of others. As a result, you may think you can afford to use Alprazolam and alcohol without incurring any negative side effects. If you discuss these matters with your health care provider, then you can both come to a shared conclusion about your use of Alprazolam and alcohol.

If you both decide that you should avoid consuming alcohol while taking Alprazolam, then your physician can suggest some options you can explore to help you give up alcohol. Whatever you do, don't go against the strong advice of your medical doctor. They are trained to know how medications interact with the body and other substances. One drink isn't worth risking your health or your life.

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