Can Alprazolam Kill You?

Best natural anxiety remedy If you want to know how to cure anxiety effectively, then Alprazolam will provide an effective solution. Although Alprazolam has side effects, when used properly, it can produce great results. Only when used improperly, without a prescription or the guidance of a qualified physician, will Alprazolam kill you. Specifically, Alprazolam can kill you if you abuse it as a recreational drug or take much more than your body can handle.

Alprazolam Can Kill You if Abused as a Recreational Drug

People who participate in Alprazolam abuse often obtain a high dosage of this drug in the form of Alprazolam bars. On the black market, this highly potent 2mg dosage is often referred to as 'coffins', 'bars', or 'french fries'. Alprazolam can kill you if you frequently take such high doses without the care of advice of a medical doctor. The drug already works to sedate the brain somewhat so as to move it from hyperactivity to a state of medicated calm. An overdose can cause the body to become too calm, slowing breathing and heart rates to lethally slow rates. Such retardation can lead these natural functions to cease completely, causing Alprazolam to kill you.

Alprazolam Can Kill You When Used Improperly

Because Alprazolam is only completely soluble in substances such as chloroform and alcohol, Alprazolam can kill you if snorted or injected directly into the blood stream. When ingested, your body breaks down the drug so it can be digested and disseminated throughout your central nervous system. Alprazolam abusers often flirt with death by crushing this drug into a powder and either snorting it or injecting it with a needle.

Remember that only when used improperly as stated above can Alprazolam kill you. However, if you're still worried that Alprazolam will kill you with regular prescribed use, then you may want to try anxiety herbs as an alternative. Herbs for anxiety may not be as effective as Alprazolam, but they certainly won't be as habit forming or potentially lethal.

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