Alprazolam Withdrawal

Best natural anxiety remedyWhen getting over a Xanax addiction, it does not matter whether someone was prescribed the drug or started taking it illegally. Either option requires time and support to heal. Unfortunately, many on the road to recovery find it hard to handle withdrawal symptoms. Side effects are common in many occurrences when one has a Xanax addiction, and withdrawal is a difficult time emotionally and psychically.

Xanax is the brand name of Alprazolam. This medication increases the amount of calming neurotransmitters in the body to relive excess excitement in the brain. Alprazolam is normally used for anxiety disorders, phobias, PMS and substance abuse. Doctors usually lower the dosage of Alprazolam a person receives as they draw near the end of their treatment. This is because the brain becomes dependent on the medication and might react badly when suddenly deprived of Alprazolam. The brain goes into overdrive, and the symptoms Alprazolam was preventing become worse than before. Lowering the dosage helps the brain get used to less of the medication so that many individuals with a prescription will not go through a painful withdrawal.

Though anyone could experience some symptoms during withdrawal, those who follow a doctor's instructions should only see minor side effects. Those that suddenly stop Alprazolam are likely to have symptoms that include vomiting, nervousness, agitation, tremors, insomnia, mental impairment and more. This occurs with users with prescriptions who stop treatment without talking to a doctor and those who take the drug illegally. Many people occasionally use Alprazolam to get a high when combined with other medications and alcohol. Though this starts as recreational behavior, withdrawal symptoms can occur, and an addiction may form.

More serious withdrawal symptoms can also occur because there are less calming neurotransmitters than the brain has become used to. These symptoms include hyperactivity, depression and hallucinations. Withdrawal is more powerful when a person has been on Alprazolam for a long time. This could happen to individuals who have been prescribed the medication for months or years. In addition to these symptoms, other side effects occur during withdrawal when Alprazolam has been abused. Alprazolam abuse typically happens with recreational users, those with extreme conditions and persons with a history of substance abuse. Abuse can result in shaking, a distorted reality and sensitivity to pain, touch, light and sound. Those suffering from Alprazolam abuse who have anxiety disorders may also see a worsening of anxiety, which can lead to seizures.

The best way to stop using Alprazolam is to form a plan with a doctor. This can happen with the doctor who prescribed the medication or an expert at a detox facility. Many users with prescriptions will need to take initiative and broach the subject with their doctors. Both parties can discuss concerns and come up with a plan that will be best for the patient. Those who quit Alprazolam suddenly can experience addiction as a symptom of withdrawal, and those who have abused Alprazolam have more trouble quitting than others.

There is hope for those trying to withdraw from Alprazolam use. Some see little withdrawal side effects, and those that do can manage symptoms best when they know what to expect. Stopping Alprazolam use first requires a reduction schedule. To minimize withdrawal side effects, it is best to slowly decrease the amount taken. A withdrawal schedule helps the patient and the doctor be consistent when decreasing medication.

Those with an addiction usually need more than just a withdrawal schedule to successfully stop using Alprazolam. A support system can offer comfort and advice. In addition to friends and family, a professional viewpoint may also be necessary. Therapists, counselors and support groups provide knowledge and guidance while withdrawing from Alprazolam.

A support group can provide strength when going off Alprazolam, but there are some things only the individual can accomplish. The withdrawal process is different for everyone, and individuals are required to make decisions about recovery. One needs to be confident and alert to talk to doctors, monitor progress and make changes to the withdrawal schedule when necessary.

Confidence is necessary, but overconfidence can hinder progress. The withdrawal process can take time because it is important to not lower the dosage too much. Withdrawal symptoms are worse when the change is too drastic or sudden. Success is achieved when the body returns to a normal state. Even those who suffer from addiction can recover smoothly when withdrawing at the right rate. Time is necessary for the brain to start producing neurotransmitters on its own. In addition to this, not all of the recovery process is physical. Addiction can cause emotional pain, and it takes time to heal physically and mentally. Everyone makes different progress, so withdrawing from Alprazolam can take weeks or a year.

Many people use other medications to help detox from Alprazolam. Unlike this drug, others are less powerful and addictive, and some take longer to reach fully potency. This means there is low risk when switching to these drugs, and it makes quitting easier. Alprazolam is from a family of medications called benzodiazepines. While used for different purpose, most share many traits. Many people switch to another benzodiazepine when changing medication.

Antidepressants may also be necessary when stopping Alprazolam. This can prevent depression during withdrawal or simply make the process more manageable. Others may need an antidepressant because it is possible to develop depression or suicidal thoughts with an Alprazolam addiction. It is important to remember that antidepressant dosages must be tapered off too. If one does not stop taking antidepressants slowly, then they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms with this medication too.

Most withdrawal plans place a focus on returning to normal. This means that serious changes in lifestyle are not necessary because individuals are not expected to be able to overcome addiction and adapt to new routines at the same time. Those living a moderately healthy lifestyle will be well equipped to stop Alprazolam abuse. Moderate amounts of caffeine and sugar should not have negative consequences during withdrawal. However, it is best to limit these activities at night because withdrawal can already cause insomnia. Moderate alcohol consumption may also be permitted. Many people on Alprazolam cannot mix the drug with alcohol, but those who have been allowed to do not need to give alcohol up while detoxing from Alprazolam. Drinking in moderation should not hurt the withdrawal process, but it is important to make sure individuals are not substituting alcohol for the medication.

Exercise is not required when going through withdrawal, but occasional activity may improve one's condition. This is because exercise builds stamina, improves mood and increases circulation in the brain. Individuals should find an activity that requires movement and is enjoyable. Other practices may also be helpful when stopping Alprazolam. Many people use meditation or yoga to relax and reduce stress. A hobby also gives individuals something to focus on other than medication. It is important for people to naturally incorporate better eating, exercise or a hobby into their lives, and no one should do more than they can handle.

Many people withdraw from Alprazolam without difficulty, but others face painful side effects and find it hard to quit. The withdrawal process is different for everyone, and it can be a long process when dealing with such an addicting drug.

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