Potential for Abuse when Using Alprazolam

Best natural anxiety remedyWhile modern advances can cure, prevent and manage illnesses, there are still downsides associated with any medication or surgery. Alprazolam is more commonly known as Xanax and is one drug that can help those with anxiety, panic attacks, PMS, fear of open spaces and more. A small amount can make a powerful impact on a person's condition, but this potency means there are dangers to using Alprazolam. There is great potential to abuse the drug, and users who are and are not prescribed Alprazolam can develop an addiction. Doctors try to limit the possibilities for abuse when prescribing Alprazolam, but its highly addictive nature, improper usage, the availability of illegal Alprazolam and withdrawal symptoms still lead to abuse.

Alprazolam and Alcohol

While doctors explain medications to patients, many people ignore advice and warning labels. There are not always consequences, but some warnings should never be ignored. Mixing Alprazolam and alcohol is a serious matter that can cause health problems or trigger an addiction.

Alprazolam works by targeting the central nervous system and sending calming neurotransmitters into the brain. This means it is classified as a depressant like alcohol. Together, they slow the brain's activity and can cause dizziness, memory problems, drowsiness and more. The combination of these substances can also harm the heart and lungs and cause breathing trouble, fainting or hypertension.

Patients should speak honestly with a doctor when not interested in giving up alcohol. This is safer than ignoring a doctor's wishes, and another prescription may be able. Not all persons on Alprazolam have to stop drinking. Alcohol may be acceptable depending on a person's dosage and the reason for taking Alprazolam. However, one cannot assume this is safe without talking to a doctor. Those who have a history of alcohol abuse should inform a doctor that suggests Alprazolam. Those who have suffered from alcohol abuse are more likely to develop addiction than others. This can also cause those who were sober to return to alcoholism.

Recreational Alprazolam

Many people take Alprazolam without a prescription because it can cause a high and is more potent when combined with other drugs. This is likely to cause addiction, and high doses can cause serious damage. Aside from health side effects and overdosing, other risks are present when abusing Alprazolam. There is an increased risk of suicide, accidents, antisocial behavior, depression and health concerns in pregnant women and newborns.

Black Market Alprazolam

The abundance of black market Alprazolam makes it easy for abusers to get access to the drug. The medication is found online from India and is also brought into America from Mexico. While the medication from these countries may be called Alprazolam, it is difficult to judge how authentic the product is. Anything could be in the drug, and unexpected side effects are possible when taking unknown pills. There is no quality control performed on illegal Alprazolam, so even actual Alprazolam pills are unpredictable. Taking this Alprazolam could be fatal especially when mixed with alcohol or other drugs.

Illegal Alprazolam is also a problem for those who have been given a prescription for the drug. The medication can be costly, and some turn to the black market as a way to obtain the drugs cheaply. Since the black market pills are not regulated, there is more potential for addiction and harmful side effects. Prescribed Alprazolam is tailored to a patient's needs. The doctor controls the dosage and usually weans a patient off the medication to prevent withdrawal. Illegal Alprazolam could be a higher or lower dosage than the prescribed amount and will not help because other additives in the drug may cause unknown reactions or be harmful when taking other medications. Instead of treating an individual, this can lead to a worsening condition and other illnesses.

Anyone caught with illegal Alprazolam could face fines or jail time, but those who actually need the drug will be in the worst position. Records will exist that list illegal usage of prescription drugs, and doctors will be hesitant to prescribe certain medications even when they provide an easy solution. This means abusers have to settle for less effective or difficult treatments to receive care.

Alprazolam Bars

When possible Alprazolam dosages do not exceed 1mg per day. However, those with severe anxiety or emotional disorders may need stronger treatments. Most patients will start out on a low dosage, and a doctor will increase the dosage after evaluating a person's progress. Alprazolam bars could be prescribed in 2mg or 4mg doses and can be extremely beneficial or cause more damage than regular doses.

Patients that follow a doctor's instructions and contact the doctor when noticing a problem are unlikely to develop an addiction. The bars are usually abused by those who forge prescriptions, steal or fake symptoms to get the drug. Bars are often used by young adults who abuse other substances. The Alprazolam is crushed or snorted to make the drug start working faster. Those who are prescribed the drug should not have leftover pills, but patients may be advised to stop treatment or switch medicine by a doctor. It is important to properly dispose of leftover pills by taking them to secure prescription drop off locations. If a friend or family member is caught with Alprazolam, the person whose name is on the prescription can be held responsible.

Elderly Individuals

Though many people who take Alprazolam correctly will not have to worry about addiction, those who are older should take caution when considering Alprazolam. Elderly individuals are more sensitive to benzodiazepines that influence the brain and nervous system like Alprazolam. This is because metabolism slows with old age, and the drug takes longer to metabolize. This means the drug can build up in the system, and older people can overdose just by taking the prescribed amount. Elderly individuals will usually take smaller doses of Alprazolam to prevent addiction and abuse. However, older adults that experience confusion, aggression, less coordination and amnesia may be experiencing withdrawal systems. The potential for abuse is large and particularly harmful in the elderly because the individual is unaware of an overdose, and symptoms can be wrongly attributed to old age or Alzheimer's.


Those taking Alprazolam with or without a prescription take risks when not taking the medication as directed. The potential for abuse is strong because addiction is likely when not using Alprazolam properly. Those who become addicted will notice withdrawal symptoms when stopping Alprazolam. While the medication calms anxiety, withdrawal can cause hyperactivity, agitation and even seizures. These symptoms make it hard to stop using Alprazolam, and a tolerance will develop. This means a larger dosage of Alprazolam is needed to get the same results. Tolerance leads to a diminished mental capacity, and individuals will suffer until detoxing from Alprazolam. Long term addiction can make withdrawal even more painful.


Those who abuse Alprazolam can experience different symptoms when going through overdosing and withdrawals. Every situation is different, but anyone can die from Alprazolam abuse. Higher doses of the drug slow the heart, brain and lungs. This can cause vital processes in the body to stop working and is especially dangerous when other drugs are in the system.

Alprazolam carries serious risk for the elderly, those prone to addiction, recreational users and anyone who uses the drug improperly. Bars and black market Alprazolam are dangerous, but any type of Alprazolam is potentially deadly when abused.

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