The Effects of Anxiety on the Body

Best natural anxiety remedy One of the most uncomfortable things about anxiety is the effect it has on one's physical body. The effects of anxiety on the body are varied since the effects of most neurological conditions tend to show up in a number of the body's systems. The effects of anxiety on the body can surface in the cardiovascular, nervous, and respiratory systems. Most of these physical effects can be corrected with the use of anxiety herbs or anti anxiety medications like Alprazolam, which is probably the best medication for anxiety. Here's a more detailed description of how the effects of anxiety on the body arise in these individual systems.

Cardiovascular Effects of Anxiety on the Body

This could include an increase in the heart rate as well as the strength of the heartbeat. This manifests as a result of the activity in the sympathetic nervous system caused by anxiety and panic attacks. An increase in blood flow is another one of the cardiovascular effects of anxiety on the body. This results in more blood being moved to larger muscles like the biceps and thighs.

Nervous Effects of Anxiety on the Body

When our brain perceives or anticipates danger it sends a message to the autonomic nervous system. Within this system lies the sympathetic nervous which is often called the 'fight/flight system'. It releases adrenaline and prepares the body for action. The effects of anxiety on the body cause this mechanism to be more active than necessary which can cause one to frequently be paranoid, nervous, or jittery along with other signs of anxiety attacks.

Respiratory Effects of Anxiety on the Body

This manifests as a rise in the depth and speed of the breathing rate. When the 'fight/flight' mechanism is activated, the respiratory system sends more oxygen to the body's tissues in order to help prepare one to defend themselves or flee. The respiratory effects of anxiety on the body often cause one to hyperventilate.

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