Symptoms of Anxiety

Best natural anxiety remedy The symptoms of anxiety disorders are about as varied as the names assigned to each kind of anxiety disorder. Each condition is named to reflect the unique symptoms of anxiety that they portray.

Symptoms of Common Anxiety Disorders

The following is a list of the most common anxiety disorders.


These are acute fears of particular things or situations that are really not dangerous at all. The symptoms of anxiety in this case include fear of dogs, airplanes, the number 13, heights, etc. The range is pretty broad.

Panic Attacks

These are sudden and intense physical occurrences that seem to arise for no apparent reason. The symptoms of anxiety in this case can include numbness, shortness of breath, tingling feelings, dizziness, or a pounding heart.

Generalized Anxiety

People who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder tend to worry excessively about several things. The symptoms of anxiety in this case could include everything from worrying about health and safety to school and the future. Along with these symptoms, sufferers may also experience headaches, vomiting, tight muscles, fatigue, or stomachaches.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

This generally arises as a result of a terrifying or traumatic experience in someone's past. The symptoms of anxiety in this case include constant fear subsequent to the event or experience, nightmares, and flashbacks.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Individuals who suffer from this disorder often deal with symptoms of anxiety such as obsessions and compulsion simpler terms, they basically deal with bad thoughts and actions that attempt to relieve anxiety. For instance, someone with OCD may be overly conscious of germs and resort to constant hand washing in order to relieve their anxiety about germs.

Symptoms of Anxiety: Treatment

These symptoms of anxiety can often be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy, herbs for depression and anxiety, or prescription medications like Alprazolam and Wellbutrin. If you think you may be suffering from either one of these conditions, then consult your physician in order to arrive to a shared decision concerning a remedy for the symptoms of anxiety you're experiencing.

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