Anxiety and Pain

Best natural anxiety remedy Unfortunately, for many anxiety sufferers, anxiety and pain often go hand-in-hand. Because the effects of anxiety in the body often show up in a number of the body's systems, pain tends to be a bothersome part of anxiety disorders. The relationship between anxiety and pain can manifest itself in a number of the tell-tale signs of anxiety attacks. Here's a list describing some the most common ways in which anxiety and pain surface.

Anxiety and Pain - how does it manifest?

Chest Pain

This is often the result of muscle tension and can be very frightening. Many who experience anxiety and pain in this manner immediately think they are suffering from a heart attack. However, heart pain differs from chest pain and does not often begin in the chest. If you experience anxiety and pain in your chest, then get someone to massage your shoulders, upper back, and chest in order to relax tense muscles.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

This is a common manifestation of anxiety and pain. When the body is under stress the neck and shoulder area is typically the first place to experience tension. When anxiety and pain surface in this manner, a neck and shoulder massage along with deep breathing can prove to be helpful.

Heartburn and Indigestion

Anxiety and pain often show up as heartburn and indigestion. One of main regions of the body where blood is utilized the most is right around the digestive tract. Blood is sent here in order to absorb the nutrients from food eaten. During anxiety and panic attacks, blood is diverted away from the stomach causing digestion to slow.


Anxiety and pain also commonly manifest in the form of headaches or feelings that one has a tight band around their head. The tension in the neck and shoulders often escalates to this point causing a migraine and sense of numbness to develop. When anxiety and pain surface as the feeling of a tight band around the head, this means the muscles covering the skull have become tense. This manifestation of anxiety and pain can also lead to pain in the face, eyes, and teeth.

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