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Many people are asking about a new product by Nature's Bounty called Anxiety & Stress Relief. The reason for that is that it is said to be an all-natural stress and anxiety relief aid which is designed to lower and/or eliminate symptoms associated with living in the modern world as well as a large number of other issues which have been affecting a significant percentage of humans going back as far back as our very beginnings. One of the main reasons of interest in a product of this type is that it is not one of the many produced by the pharmaceutical industry. The key benefit there is that is not one of the numerous medications which have been getting a lot of negative press in recent years due to the rising number of negative incidents including, many say, unethical practices and an increasing variety of products that are said by some to induce some potentially highly addictive side effects.

Originally created as an alternative to these kinds of medications, Nature's Bounty fits firmly into the category of what is often labeled as a natural stress and anxiety reducer and is well-established with the practitioners of this area of medical practice. In addition, for anyone who is interested, Nature's Bounty is also said to be GMO free which is simply another way of claiming that it is produced employing only a highly select list of all-natural elements and no artificial ingredients which may have been genetically modified.

Nature's Bounty Anxiety and Stress Relief Claims

Nature's Bounty Anxiety and Stress Relief

The company which produces Nature's Bounty has made a long list of remarkable claims with regard to the supposed benefits. For one thing, it is said that Nature's Bounty has the ability to support a high level of healthy brain function while increasing mental energy. A secondary claim is that it increases reaction times and boosts both focus and memory. Furthermore, there are multiple claims that Nature's Bounty, when used on a regular basis, will improve the user's mood and even super-charge creative abilities.

An in-depth review of the increasing amount of research demonstrates the fact that there are specific indicators pointing to a substantial number of natural substances which are believed to produce all of these kinds of effects. One crucial point discovered in all of this research is the way in which these core ingredients are put together in order to make this specific formulation. In a nutshell, this means that, although it may be considered desirable to have all of these central elements in the formula it is, more relevantly, the quantities and the balance which truly determines just how safe and effective the product is likely to end up being.

Taking a look at things from another perspective could suggest that having a solid understanding of these core ingredients is a positive but a close look at any research, studies or clinical trials which may have been conducted with regard to the specific formulation of any product of this type. A review of source data from the industry as well as some other points which could provide some credible or verifiable support for a number of claims that are being made for Nature's Bounty could not be found.

Anxiety and Stress Relief Ingredients

A review of the listing of ingredients used in the making of Nature's Bounty shows that there are many well-well-regarded elements which are proven to be in wide use.

To start with, it is necessary to be aware that the makers of Nature's Bounty employ what is known in the industry as a proprietary blend of ingredients which basically means that the precise quality and quantity of their exact formulation is a closely held secret in order to keep their competition from copying it. Although this is a common business practice it also prevents potential consumers from knowing exactly what that formula really is.

Keeping all of this in mind the known ingredients in Nature's Bounty are Ashwagandha and L-Theanine. The core benefits assigned to these elements include a marked rise in dopamine levels, a reduction in cortisol production, improved levels of concentration, a boost in the neurotransmitter GABA, a lowering of adrenaline production and an increase in positive mood and mental clarity.

A distinct negative with this particular formula is the fact that it appears not to contain multiple elements which are believed to offer relief from certain problems associated with stomach upset which is often brought on by formulations of this type.

The Science Behind Nature's Bounty Anxiety and Stress Relief

There is no doubt that having a strong understanding of the ingredients contained in any product is helpful as it allows the consumer to see if it contains most desired elements or if it has any which might lead to medical concerns such as allergic reactions. However, there are other sources of information which can be even more useful to those who want to take their level of understanding of a product like Nature's Bounty to an even higher level. This is generally data that is gleaned from research, studies and clinical trials. However, since these instances of research and testing are not frequently required with products of this type in all areas of production it is not always available.

A quick review of all of the data available from the makers of Nature's Bounty as well as numerous other industry sources did not turn up any credible or verifiable evidence that would offer support for the many claims regarding the specific formula used in the production of Nature's Bounty.

Anxiety and Stress Relief: How it Works

Nature's Bounty says that their Anxiety and Stress Relief product is a natural stress reliever made in an FDA-registered facility within the United States. The long and well-established list of all-natural elements are claimed to be precisely blended in order to act rapidly and energize a multitude of human internal processes that can benefit greatly from all of these stress and anxiety related issues and that are more than likely to be under strain in aging users who tend to live in more highly developed regions. Also, the older these users are likely to be, the more likely it is that they would tend to experience more evidence of related symptoms.

User Reviews

For those of us who were not around in the days before the widespread use of the internet it may be hard to understand just what it was like. This is because consumers back then were pretty much reliant on the information companies would give them because information from outside sources pretty much didn't exist. However, once everyday people had access to the internet it became pretty easy to find out what real users of products thought of the things they wanted to buy. What happened next was that many companies who saw that their ratings among consumers were poor began to attempt to shake the faith of consumers in their trust of many user reviews. Mainly this was accomplished by encouraging the posting of more favorable reviews. Knowing this still goes on today, we always try to locate more independent sources of user commentaries.

Conducting a review of numerous industry related websites with no known affiliation to Nature's Bounty or its producer as well as several online forums and chat rooms with a history of discussing stress and anxiety aids and other types of wellness products provided a long list of these independent user reviews for Nature's Bounty. Compiling the overall user satisfaction ratings showed that the vast majority of these reviewers did not feel that they received any significant or long-lasting benefits from its use.

How To Purchase

Nature's Bounty is available for purchase through a wide variety of well-known online platforms such as and That said, it should be pointed out that the purchase price Nature's Bounty varied quite a bit from retailer to retailer so some research may be required in order to find the lowest price.

Nature's Bounty Anxiety and Stress Relief: Final Thoughts

The evidence suggests that there is no real doubt that daily stress and anxiety is a growing issue especially among many who happen to be living in highly developed regions. And, when one puts that fact together with the ever-growing amount of unnatural or artificial light in all metropolitan areas its quite easy to see the effects of this type of stress and anxiety which is only leading to more and more problems for more and more of those dealing with it.

What we wanted to know is whether Nature's Bounty is one of the top options that the industry that produces stress and anxiety reducers can provide. To determine this, we decided to focus on just three key factors.

One was the list of ingredients and what we discovered was that, although there are multiple ingredients which may be highly desirable, the total lack of multiple other core ingredients was problematic. Another factor was what the available regarding any research, studies and clinical trials told us. In this case, the near non-existent record of credible or verifiable evidence in this area was another notable negative. The third and last factor was related to what most independent user reviews were saying and that was that they simply did not believe that Nature's Bounty offered any significant or durable benefits.

All in all, it appears that there are many stress relief products available today which are far more likely to help consumers find relief from daily stress and anxiety. For a list of better choices, click here.

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