Panic Attack

Best natural anxiety remedy When a person suffers a panic attack for the first time they often feel like they are having a traumatic event such as a heart attack. They become dizzy, sweaty and experience chest pains; they may be itchy or start shaking uncontrollably; they have shortness of breath and sometimes become hysterical.

Emotional and Mental State of a Panic Attack

The emotional and mental state a person suffering from a panic attack can be described as a complete wreck. Emotionally they feel like they are going crazy; they may have a sudden fear of dying or even of living and can have an awful sense of dread overcome them. Their mental state is just as bad. They can have racing thoughts, a loud internal dialogue, a feeling of losing all control, a loss or blurring of vision and an utter nervous sensation.

Cures for Panic Attacks

Some doctors may prescribe an anxiety medication like Valium for a patient that experiences episodes of panic attacks. A medical evaluation should done by a professional to find out why a person is going through this event or what may be the cause of the panic attack.

A person can also simply try to relax when they feel a panic attack coming on or when they are going through a panic attack. A doctor can provide them with relaxation techniques and reassure them that they are okay - they are not losing their mind. The person could be suffering from anxiety or other stress disorders and they may be triggering the panic attack.

If the person realizes that they suffer a panic attack every time they enter a crowded room full of strangers, when they have to make a speech in front of people or when they are flying in an airplane, then they can learn to avoid those situations. It may be difficult but there is behavioral therapy available to help them cope or overcome their fear.

Panic Attack Treatments

Doctors sometimes prescribe anti anxiety medications such as Paxil, Xanax (Alprazolam), Prozac and Celexa for people who suffer panic attack symptoms. Unfortunately, these medications often produce side effects such as dizziness, confusion, stomach pain, and an irregular heartbeat.

People who are tired of the side effects sometimes look for a natural anxiety remedy. These pills contain ingredients that help soothe their nerves and make them feel more relaxed. If you want to try something different research herbal panic attack treatments. They may help and you won't have to deal with the terrible side effects.

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