Yoga for Anxiety

Best natural anxiety remedy Yoga for anxiety teaches you to move and breathe slowly and to relax and meditate - all things that help your body and mind cleanse itself from the harmful effects of dealing with anxiety on a daily basis.

Methods of Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga postures, known as asanas, help to maintain a healthy nervous system, and stretch and relax your muscles and skeletal system. The physical release through these comforting movements can facilitate a sense of calmness and well-being.

Breathing techniques in yoga are also very important, as they are known to create balance. These techniques are called pranayama, which help you gain better self-awareness and acquire a more peaceful state of mind.

Prana is the word for the vital energy of the universe. Yama loosely means practice or restraint. When put together pranayama is the practice of controlling breathing to create a balance of life force in the body. When the body is lacking prana, you become restless and feel like you are trapped in a cage. Anxiety is a result of prana imbalance, and deep yoga breathing is designed to bring more prana into the body.

Yoga for Anxiety: Proper Breathing

Breathe very deeply, using your entire lung capacity. Make sure you're breathing through your nose. As you breathe in, push down on your diaphragm. Your abdomen, ribs, and shoulders should expand as the lungs fill with air. Use the inhalation to push out in all these areas slowly.

Once you've filled you lungs with air, slowly exhale. Continue this exercise several times at a slow, steady pace. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Just be certain to concentrate on the process of your breathing. It will help you with anxiety attacks and general anxiety. You can do this at work in your office, in front of the television, or when you are starting to feel a bout of anxiety coming on.

Where to find Yoga for Anxiety

Most health clubs now offer yoga classes. Digital cable's Video on Demand has yoga in the sports section. Libraries and community centers sometimes have yoga classes. DVDs abound on Amazon and elsewhere on the Internet.

Yoga for Anxiety: Final Thoughts

Yogic postures and breathing can help discharge anxiety by relieving stress, stretching the body, and clearing the mind. While certainly more labor intensive and time consuming than taking prescription or herbal remedies for anxiety, yoga can be a valuable tool in your arsenal for overcoming anxiety.

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