Stress and Anxiety

Best natural anxiety remedy We all have to deal with some degree of stress and anxiety at some point. It could be caused by an impending deadline, an appointment we're trying to make on time or a first date with someone we've wanted to go out with for a long time. Stress and anxiety in these isolated moments is normal. However, people who are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety on a regular basis tend to live in this state most of the time. Individuals who fit this description will often display a combination of the following symptoms and signs of stress and anxiety:

  • Constant Fatigue or Exhaustion
  • Working, Eating, or Walking in a Rushed Manner
  • Continual Worry About Future Events
  • On Edge or Short-Tempered
  • Dwelling on Past Stresses of Mistakes
  • Regular Tension in the Body

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

When stress and anxiety become overwhelming, it's time to take a moment and develop a strategy for dealing with these issues so they don't overtake you. Here a few tips that reveal how to deal with anxiety and stress without using anti anxiety medications.

Make Your Well-Being a Top Priority

This may seem too simple, but effectively dealing with stress and anxiety begins with taking care of yourself. Be sure to eat nutritious, well-balanced meals every day so your body gets the nutrients it needs. Many who suffer from constant stress and anxiety often skip meals because they are so taken up with the stressors in their lives. Also, be sure to get some exercise along with 6-8 hours of recuperative sleep each night. Stress and anxiety can be especially magnified when one lacks sleep.

Take Time to Relax

Relaxation is not to be confused with sleep. Although, sleep can be pretty relaxing! Taking time to relax, can help you deal with stress and anxiety throughout the day. Set aside time to enjoy a massage, practice deep breathing exercises, pray, meditate, read, or listen to soothing music. Such practices help you to shut out sources of stress and anxiety so you can relax.

Receive Help from Others

Support from family and friends can go a long way in overcoming anxiety and stress. There may be some tasks and responsibilities that your friends and family are willing to help with so you can relieve yourself of the constant stress and anxiety.

Make Your Plate Less Full

You may be familiar with the expression, “He has a lot on his plate.” This simply means that this person has a lot going on - maybe too much. Stress and anxiety can arise when we spread ourselves too thin. Consider what commitments you can eliminate from your life so as to aid in reducing stress and anxiety. Remember, it's okay to say “No” if you feel a “Yes” may add stress and anxiety to your life.

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