What Causes Anxiety?

Best natural anxiety remedy The underlying issues which explain what causes anxiety are not completely understood. However, when it comes to determining what causes anxiety a number of factors can be considered. Factors such as personality, heredity, life experiences, and brain chemistry can all contribute to both moderate and severe anxiety. We'll review the various issues that help to specify what causes anxiety.


A number of researchers purport that personality greatly contributes to what causes anxiety disorders. Many of them believe that individuals with below average coping skills and low self-esteem are more inclined to develop social anxiety disorder and other similar conditions. On the other hand, an anxiety disorder that starts during childhood can contribute to the onset of low self-esteem in later years.


Researchers have discovered that genetic issues can be behind what causes anxiety. Some studies have shown that if an identical twin suffers from some type of anxiety disorder, then the other twin is more likely to also suffer from anxiety or panic attacks as opposed to non-identical twins. Combined with life experiences, genetics is one of the most profound factors behind what causes anxiety.

Life Experiences

Researchers also believe that life experiences such as poverty, violence, and abuse can contribute to what causes anxiety when an individual is exposed to these factors on a long-term basis. Others have found that physical symptoms of anxiety can arise as a result of abusing drugs like LSD, amphetamines, or Ecstasy. It has even been discovered that caffeine can contribute to the development of anxiety.

Brain Chemistry

Since anxiety relief often occurs when certain neurotransmitters in the brain are altered, it is believed that brain chemistry has a role in the development of anxiety disorders. Overcoming anxiety often begins with identifying its causes and taking proactive steps toward a cure.

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