Alprazolam can have some unwanted sexual side effects

Best natural anxiety remedy There is a risk of sexual side effects occurring when taking Alprazolam. A person may experience a change in sex drive and impotence from Alprazolam's sexual side effects. In previous clinical studies, more than 14 percent of users reported a decreased sex drive as a side effect of Alprazolam. Meanwhile, half that many users reported an increased sex drive.

An Overview of Alprazolam's Sexual Side Effects 

  • A decrease in your sex drive
  • An increase in your sex drive
  • Other types of sexual dysfunction

Will I Experience Alprazolam's Sexual Side Effects?

It is not possible for anyone to know in advanced whether or not they will experience a sexual side effect to Alprazolam. After all, it's not too easy to figure out if a person's sexual problems are a direct result of an Alprazolam side effect. Talk to your doctor immediately if you notice any Alprazolam side effects. There may be an alternative treatment that will better suit your body. 

Studies were conducted on sexual functioning and side effects associated with patients who had been treated with Alprazolam for several weeks. Sex drive, the ability to achieve orgasm and men's ability to get an erection were all tested as sexual effects for Alprazolam. The data showed that Alprazolam treatment may cause an incline in sexual side effects with Alprazolam, while a small number of people experience a decline. Experts suggest that reducing one's dosage or switching to a different medication is usually helpful in reducing or reversing Alprazolam's unwanted sexual side effects.

Final Thoughts on the Sexual Side Effects of Alprazolam

You may experience some or none of the common sexual side effects of Alprazolam. But nobody will know if they'll get any sexual side effects from Alprazolam until they try it for themselves. Just keep your physician up to date if anything out of the ordinary arises besides any potential sexual side effects due to Alprazolam. In a 1999 naturalistic study on the clinical use of Alprazolam, the treatment of pathological anxiety was useful in 75 percent of the patients. The drug does work, even if it sometimes has a negative effect on men in the bedroom. 

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