Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray Review

Dream Elements Sleep SprayAnxiety is a big problem these days, especially in civilized societies where the pressures of everyday life can seem insurmountable. Between working a challenging job, being a good spouse, taking care of your family, and reserving time to take care of yourself and enjoy life, it can be a lot to juggle.

Sometimes, the frustration of doing - and having - it all can leave us with some pretty strong feelings of anxiety. Of course, pharmaceutical Industries have stepped in and offered to give us relief for anxiety in the form of prescription drugs. But are these chemicals really safe? Should we rely upon an expensive prescription in order to cure our woes? Or are there other, safer, more natural alternatives for alleviating our anxiety and stress?

For most of us, anxiety does the greatest amount of damage when it comes try nightly rest. No one should have to struggle to get to sleep at night. But all too often the anxieties from our day, or the worries of tomorrow, or worse - both - can keep us up at night. But you don't need to reach for dangerous prescription drugs in order to alleviate these anxieties. You can create a relaxing, ideal environment for your nightly rest using the power of aromatherapy. All it takes is a few spritzes of Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray and you, too, can help yourself relax more easily at night.

Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray Ingredients

Aromatherapy is an undeniably potent force when it comes to triggering the brain. Think about it - how often do you pick up a smell that instantly transports you back to a very specific, vivid memory from your past? This isn't just a coincidence. It's not magic or mysticism, either. It's all about brain chemistry. And you can use it to your advantage in order to feel calm and relaxed.

Essential oils are powerful, concentrated extracts from plants and their flowers. Essential oils are the building blocks of modern-day aromatherapy treatments. With the right oils, and in the right combinations, aromatherapy can trigger significant mood shifts in the brain. And the balance of essential oils in Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray are designed to do exactly that.

  • Vetiver oil - vetiver oil comes from a type of grass that is native to India. It has a sweet yet heady scent which promotes relaxation and rest. Furthermore, vetiver oil is great to use at bedtime because it cools your body temperature, which is known to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.
  • Lavender oil - lavender oil is a classic aromatherapy ingredient in all sorts of sleep remedies. There are centuries of both anecdotal and scientific evidence which connect lavender oil with lower instances of insomnia, depression, and anxiety. It has a chemical effect on the brain, but no so much so that it's toxic or harmful - unlike most anti-anxiety drugs on the market today.
  • Chamomile oil - chamomile is another popular herbal extract when it comes to helping people relax. Usually it's included in formulas that are meant to be ingested, but it also has powerful effects when it's concentrated oils are used for aromatherapy. As a matter of fact, a 2013 medical study concluded that a blend of chamomile and lavender oil helped ICU patients relax better than conventional medicine did.
  • Ylang ylang - this essential oil comes from the cananga tree which is native to malaysia and the philippines. It's tropical scent helps many people come down by whisking them away to an island paradise in their mind. Some studies show that ylang ylang oil can also help lower blood pressure, which is a common side effect of anxiety and stress.
  • Orange oil - orange oil is another citrusy scent which goes perfectly with the other essential oils in the Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray formula. Fresh, clean, and fruity, orange oil promotes relaxation to help calm your nerves. Many people treated with aromatherapy which happens to include orange oil report happy memories and feelings of contentment after smelling this scent. When combined with other, similar scents, it's even that much more powerful.

Does Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray Work?

Even for people with challenging levels of anxiety, aromatherapy can produce strong feelings of relaxation and calmness. This is because of the billions of neurons which connect your olfactory cells (the cells in your nose that pick up scent) to the emotional processing centers of your brain. Although this connection is mostly subconscious, scientific studies have shown that this is an extremely powerful connection.

By utilizing the power of aromatherapy, you can force the anxious and worrisome thoughts out of your mind, thereby putting yourself in a relaxed state. Whether you're searching for calmness in order to sleep better at night, or simply because you need a break from your anxious thoughts during the day, the aromatherapy benefits of Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray can give you exactly what you need to feel better.

For best results, just pump a spray or two onto your pillow each night. If you have sensitive skin, then we recommend spraying it somewhere close by - that way, you can still get the aromatherapy benefits, but it won't cause irritation.

How to Buy Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray

This spray isn't currently sold in stores. But you can quickly and conveniently order yourself a bottle by visiting one of the online retailers that are selling it. Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray has an Amazon page right now, and you can also purchase it at VitalDepot.com. Alternatively, if you act quickly, you may be able to snag it at a discounted price off of Groupon. But don't delay, or you might miss out.

If you want to take advantage of the safe, gentle, anti-anxiety effects of aromatherapy, then you should definitely consider giving Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray a try. It's safe for use with adults and children (under parental supervision, of course). Just a couple of sprays on your pillow at night can set up the perfect environment for a relaxed, deep sleep. Learn more.

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